Henrys Crypto Club

Henrys Crypto Club

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Henrys Crypto Club

Henrys Crypto Club

Charter Meetup

Wednesday January 12th @ 7pm

Free community gathering event


Have you heard your friends talking about Crypto currency at the water cooler and wondered what it is?

Whats all this talk about Bitcoin? 

What is a blockchain and what the heck is a Non-fungible token?

Is the Crypto market like a stock exchange? 

Can a person make money trading Crypto currency? 

Can a person lose alot of money trading Crypto currency?

Is crypto currency the future are Fiat currencies doomed?

Is it too late to invest in Crypto?


Our goal is to create a Club at Henrys where we meet once a month, mingle and chat about Crypto, while learning and socializing with each other. 

We'll bring in guest speakers, watch educational videos and nerd out...

All the while enjoying a Signal beer and some delicious food from our Henrys Kitchen.

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No financial advice is being provided. Henrys Crypto Club is for like minded individuals looking for a night out, a cold beer and a laugh or two. All are Welcome!

If you are interested, come jump in...To let us know you are joining us please login and secure your Free Ticket. 

A friendly welcome awaits you...




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