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Dance Party

Dance Party

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Dance Party


Full Capacity - Bring your friends...

Friday November 5th 

9pm till 12:30am

Admission - $10



Honestly most of us can't dance worth a rip lol. Our upper bodies just don't cooperate with our feet. We try though...Often moving in a stationary position, hips thrusting a bit...Fingers snapping. We feel the beat and do our best to translate it with some kind of sway, bounce or bob.

Then there's some that all we can do is watch in awe!!! Its like they're from the MATRIX with some sort of dance program shunted into their head uploading dance moves from the 70's, 80's 90's...WOW can they MOVE IT, MOVE IT....

Whatever your dance skill it doesn't matter...Its about looking across the room catching that special someones eye, being with your squeeze, laughing and enjoying your evening with friends... just gettin on our cozy Dance floor and gettin it


J Ferguson of DEF ENT performing on the Signal Stage spinning tracks...

$5 Sangrias


See ya on the 5th....Wear your best dancing sneakers 


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