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Conor Gains - Chill

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Conor Gains - Chill



Signal Presents - Conor Gains - chilling it in Corbyville

Friday August 27th - 8 till 11

Come enjoy one of Signal fav performers - Conor Gains...His voice is incredible and his vibe is a celebration of summer...Conor will be playing on our patio outside, along the charming Moira River.

No cover charge tonight


Name: Conor Gains

Genre: Neo-soul, singer-songwriter, alt rock

Founded: Conor started playing shows at age 13.

# of Albums: 2

Latest Release: Debut EP Three was released in April 2021. Listen here –

Latest Single: “Light Shine In”

Latest Video: Watch the video for “Light Shine In”

Favourite band as a teenager: Led Zeppelin

Favourite band now: Impossible to choose only one so I’ll say D’Angelo, The Beatles and Audioslave

Guilty Pleasure Song: “One Last Time” – Ariana Grande

Live Show Ritual:

I always compulsively wash my hands before touching my guitar. Then I get together with the band and we have a little sports style hype up moment. Or if I’m playing solo I just meditate and get in the zone.

Favourite local artist: The Pick Brothers Band

EP or LP? LP. Singles and short EPs are like reading the Coles Notes instead of reading the whole book.

Early bird or night owl? Night time is the right time.

Road or studio? Studio then road, rinse and repeat. But if I had to choose only one… Road.

Any (online) shows or albums coming up?

Working on the next album. Just released Three, but moving onto “Four” now.

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