Buzz Collins Extreme HYPNO Show

Buzz Collins Extreme HYPNO Show

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Buzz Collins Extreme HYPNO Show

Signal Presents : Buzz Collins XTREME HYPNO Show

Thursday December 30th - 8pm

Admission - $20

The presents are unwrapped and its almost NYE, you're tired of Netflix a wee bit grumpy and you need some fresh air. So jump in your car and head to Signal in charming Corbyville for one of the absolutely funniest Hypno/Comedy shows you have ever attended. Buzz Collins is the BEST...

Picture yourself floating through space...You are getting sleepy. Listen to the sound of my voice...

Buzz Collins

Buzz has been a favourite at conventions and corporate events because of his dynamic and personable style. He's starred in Theatres, Casinos, and Resorts including week-long headlining engagements at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas and at the almost famous Signal Brewing Company.

Although you may have thought Corbyville was the "entertainment capital of the world" It was actually in  Las Vegas, where Buzz achieved his certification as a world-class stage hypnotist through the International Institute of Hypnosis.

Buzz practised his craft on his friends and family in the early years, often convincing them to cut the grass and take out the trash when they absolutely had no intention of doing so... Knowing he now had super powers like he never imagined...he took the world by storm...

We can't tell you all Buzz secrets but you should know this....The last time he was in Corbyville performing his Hypnosis Show there were several people in the audience who broke a rib because they were laughing so hard...

If there's one thing you have to do before the end of the Year 2021 its to LAUGH OUT LOUD...This year has been so messed up...

Lets kick 2021 to the curb and start  2022 with LOVE & LIGHT...

You gotta come see for yourself...





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