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The Creature from the Hop Lagoon...

Signal Brewing Company has paired up with The Chronicle to launch a spooky Imperial IPA: The Creature from the Hop La...

Cherry Volt is back

There has been a much anticipated wait for the Cherry Volt to return to Signal, and we're happy to announce it's here...

Signal's Got Talent

We'd like to think we're known in the area for bringing in the best music and putting on some fantastic shows featuri...

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Wave - LCBO 14625

473ml 6.1% ABV Pale Ale



Radio Tube

4.5% ABV 473ml Pilsner



FireWire Simcoe

473ml 6.8% ABV IPA



Volt - Dry Hop Sunlight Sour

473ml 5% ABV Dry-hopped Sour


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